lauren’s reactions to being called beautiful are possibly the cutest things i’ve ever seen. 

"I’m Quasimodo" (x)

Anonymous: I know this is really irrational but sometimes I consider avoiding situations/opportunities that would place me in the "fan" category with certain musicians, actors, models, celebrities etc. because I'm still holding out hope that we're going to develop a friendship or something and I don't want to ruin that dream by being just another fan. like, I'm a human... they're a human... why does there have to be this weird disconnect? I'M COOL. THEY'RE COOL. ya feel


SAME, SAME, SAME. i don’t know what it is! i don’t know if it’s my ego or my pride or my incessant need to be seen as an equal…i have no idea, but it’s suffocating for me, these boundaries and these levels that we place ourselves on…that the world places us on, maybe, idk. :\ like, let’s talk harry styles for example…obviously (hopefully lol) he doesn’t look at us or the fans he meets here & there & say OH, WHATEVER, JUST ANOTHER FAN…but i do think that when meeting him, it would be hard to converse with him the way i want to—converse outside of [hi! i’m a big fan, absolutely love you] and [thank you very much, it’s nice meeting you]…i’m probably being selfish and greedy when i say this, but i want more than that. with any celebrity that i find myself really, really liking…i’ve never really dreamt of having a fan pic or being at a meet and greet (obviously i wouldn’t mind, lbr). but when i like these celebrities, i don’t like them because they’re ~celebrities~ ..i like them because there’s something in them that appeals to me, even if they disappoint me sometimes, even if i think they’re stupid sometimes….so i don’t expect them to like me just because i’m a ~fan~ you know? and i wouldn’t want to be liked as a FAN, or out of obligation, or as compensation for something (i’m not saying they like us out of obligation, i just don’t know how to phrase it right now lol). like i think it’d be cool to just chill, talk about real stuff, eat some food, listen to some tunes…idk. party. lay down. watch television. to really get to know each other on a human level, rather than on a fan versus celebrity basis. but eh, i’ve never really enjoyed feeling inferior to other people…and i try not to idolize people i’ve never met/spoken to. although i definitely admire them. BUT I AGREE. WE’RE COOL TOO. GOD…GIVE US NORMAL PPL SOME CREDIT~~~

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